Our Team


Hanish Kathuria

(Founder & CEO)

Our Team’s core pillar, Hanish Kathuria started his career as a banker with HSBC...

Garima Malhotra

Dr. Garima Malhotra

(Vice President)

Dr. Garima has been instrumental at Rafiki Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for developing marketing...

Shilpa Khurana

Ms. Shilpa Chaba

(Sr. Lead - SME & Operations)

Shilpa Chaba is having more than 10 years of experience in content development & Teaching domain...

Yogesh Mathur

Mr. Yogesh Mathur

(Sr IT & Project Manager)

Yogesh Mathur is a seasoned IT professional with over 15 years of industry experience...

Prachi Kapoor

Ms. Prachi Kapoor

(Business Development and Operations Manager)

Prachi Kapoor, a BBA graduate from Indraprastha University, Delhi, brings a ...

Umang Pal

Mr. Umang Pal

(Ass. HR Manager & PC)

Umang is a remarkable individual who has made significant ...

Ms. Rafia Ibrahim

Ms. Rafia Ibrahim

(SME & coordinator)

Rafia Ibrahim has over two years of business experience as a subject matter expert and team organizer....

Aashutosh Sharma

Mr. Aashutosh Sharma

(Subject Matter Expert & QC)

Aashutosh is currently serving as a Subject Matter Expert, ...

Mansha Sharma

Ms. Mansha Sharma

(Quality Analyst)

Mansha is a dynamic scholar and perpetual learner, currently ...


Ms Anjali Verma

(Subject Matter Expert & QC)

Anjali is a brilliant mind who navigated the intricacies of Mathematics at Delhi University...

Nabeel Ali

Mr. Nabeel Ali

(SME & coordinator)

Nabeel, the dynamic professional at the heart of Rafiki Solutions Pvt. Ltd ...

Sakshi Goswami

Ms. Sakshi Goswami

(Digital Marketing Manager and Lead generation )

Sakshi a seasoned professional with over four years of dedicated experience ...

Irfan Qasim

Mr. Irfan Qasim

(Head North America & Canada)

Mr. Irfan Qasim has been pillar of strength in domain like investment IT and retail...

Vipin Kumar Singh

Mr. Vipin Kumar Singh

(Senior VP - Technical)

Vipin Singh is very Energetic & Enthusiastic Leader with 16 years of experience...

Kewal Malhotra

Mr. Kewal Malhotra

(Strategic Advisor)

Kewal Malhotra is an exceptional astute in Publishing & Printing business...